The Guide To Traffic Violations In Puerto Rico

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Common traffic violations and fines in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has all the same traffic violations that you could commit as in the United States. However, the price of committing one of these violations here is different. Here is a list of the most common violations and the price of the fine that accompanies them:

  • Driving with a suspended license – $300
  • Driving with a headlight out – $50
  • Speeding – $100 plus $10 for every mile over the speed limit you were.

    So, if you were going 20 miles over the speed limit, your fine would be: $10 X 20 = $200. Then add that to the original fine: $200 + $100 = $300 total. For school zones the base fine is $200 and in construction zones the base fine is $150.

  • Not yielding to an emergency vehicle – $100
  • Street racing – $3000
  • Driving on the shoulder – $500
  • Cell phone ticket – $100
  • No registration – $100


How can you pay a traffic fine in Puerto Rico

If you end up with a traffic ticket in Puerto Rico, you will need to pay it in a timely fashion just like anywhere else. Otherwise, you could end up with a much higher fine or even possible jail time.

In Puerto Rico, if you need to pay a traffic ticket, you should visit the CESCO office. Unfortunately, the CESCO office is usually very busy so you will need to wait a while in line before you can pay your ticket. Our advice is to make sure you have a free morning or afternoon or, better yet, avoid getting a traffic ticket in Puerto Rico altogether.

There are a bunch of CESCO offices located throughout the island of Puerto Rico. There are several in the San Juan area, although there are also a few on the eastern part of San Juan as well as the southern portion too. You can find your local CESCO office as well as directions here.

The hours of operation are different for each individual office. So, you will want to check online before you visit one of them to make sure that you do not end up getting there too late. The hours for opening range between 7 and 9 AM for each branch. The hours for closing are even less predictable ranging between 3 and 7 PM. Always call ahead just to be sure.

Tips for avoiding traffic fines

Obviously, your best bet is to avoid getting a traffic ticket in Puerto Rico or anywhere else for that matter. Getting one is Puerto Rico is especially bad because, on top of the fine, you also must deal with and wait at the CESCO office.

Here are a few tips so that you can avoid getting a traffic ticket in the first place in Puerto Rico:

  • Stay alert – Other drivers in Puerto Rico are known for not driving so well. Always be sure to stay alert so that you can avoid needing to do something illegal to steer clear of a bad driver.
  • Know the rules – The rules of the road are what dictate whether or not you are going to get a ticket. How can you avoid a ticket if you don’t know the rules?
  • Do not take chances – In Puerto Rico, the traffic enforcement might seem lax at times. However, anytime you run a red light or change lanes without signaling could be the time a police officer decides to write a ticket. Do not take the chance, it is not worth it.
  • Make sure your car is in good running condition – Sometimes, your car not operating properly can directly cause a ticket. For example, if your car stalls in an intersection, you will very likely end up with a ticket.
  • Keep calm – Road rage is a great way to end up with a ticket or even worse. Just take a deep breath and do whatever you can to calm yourself in the event that you are frustrated by someone else’s bad driving.


Final Word

Driving in Puerto Rico can be difficult and frustrating. It can be even worse if you end up with an expensive traffic ticket that you will possibly need to wait in line for hours to pay at your local CESCO office. Do everything in your power to avoid getting a traffic ticket in Puerto Rico in the first place.

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