How To Keep Your Car Going In Puerto Rico

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How the weather can affect the life of your car in Puerto Rico
What you can do to keep your car going the longest in Puerto Rico


How the weather can affect the life of your car in Puerto Rico

The warm and humid weather in Puerto Rico can definitely take its toll on your car. For example, if you do not have tires with the right sort of tread, you can end up being more prone to a blowout. In general, cars’ engines tend to be more prone to overheating in warm weather.

The warm and tropical climate of Puerto Rico can also wreak havoc on your car’s exterior as well. The sun and rain can quickly do a number on your paint job.

What you can do to keep your car going the longest in Puerto Rico

There are several very simple steps that you can take in order to keep your car running well in the climate of Puerto Rico:

  • Make sure that you get your fluids checked and changed – Getting fluids like your oil and transmission fluid changed will play a vital role in how long you will be able to keep your car running well.
  • Make sure that your battery is in good condition – Using a battery that is too old or not functioning properly can shorten the life of your car especially in areas like Puerto Rico where the weather is particularly warm the vast majority of the year.
  • Drive smoother – This just means that instead of always driving at maximum speed which leads to more stop and go driving, you should consider driving more slowly and at a consistent pace. The fast-paced sort of stop-and-go driving puts too much stress on your engine.
  • Get any repairs that you need as soon as you can – Never let repairs go unfixed. If you need something fixed, do so immediately, if you need something replaced, then get it replaced immediately.
  • Do not get the car modified – Getting your car modified will put extra stress on the individual parts of the car as well as the engine as a whole. So, avoid adding any modifications to your car.
  • Get the vehicle waxed – By getting your car waxed, you will be giving the exterior of the car an entire extra layer of protection from adverse weather elements like rain and strong sun.



If you want to avoid the need to get a new car much sooner than you expected, you should take every proper precaution in order to make your car last the very longest. This includes getting whatever maintenance you need, driving with the right amount of caution, and taking precautionary steps like getting your car waxed. If you do, you could almost end up doubling the life of your vehicle.

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