The Best Tours in Puerto Rico and Directions to get to Them

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Puerto Rican tour basics
The best tours in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rican tour basics

Puerto Rico is a truly wonderful place to explore and check out some incredible picturesque views. The issue tends to be that many people don’t know the best ways or places to get the full-on experience of Puerto Rico’s amazing beauty.

That is why taking one or several of the fantastic tours of Puerto Rico is easily the best way to experience Puerto Rico and all of its sights. With these tours you can sail at sunset, hike in the jungle, hang on deserted beaches and much more.

These tours are not that expensive either. Doing something like relaxing on a deserted beach sounds expensive but it is actually quite affordable. These tours all range between eighty and a hundred dollars per person.

They are all fairly reasonable in terms of duration as well. All the tours on this list range between an hour and a day. Most are actual just a few hours long. This way, you can take a bunch of different tours during your stay in Puerto Rico.

If you do decide to take one of these tours, as well you should, just be sure that you are ready and prepared for whichever individual tour that you choose. For example, you are required to have certain shoes, notify the tour guide of your weight, be able to participate in semi-strenuous activity, and must acknowledge that you will be getting wet on some of the tours.

Always make sure that you contact your tour provider and ask them what is required of you as well as what you need to do to prepare for your tour.

The best tours in Puerto Rico

The following are a variety of the highest rated day-tours you can take in Puerto Rico:

  • Deserted Island Catamaran Day Sail from Fajardo – This tour includes a luxury cruise, snorkeling, swimming and some great higher-end amenities. The cruise will include awesome views of El Yunque National Forest and Fajardo’s coastline. The snorkeling includes crystal blue water and amazing, up-close views of the marine life. The tour lasts about 6 hours and costs $87.
  • La Parguera Glowing Bioluminescent Bay Tour from San Juan – An ultimate swimming and snorkeling experience, this tour will provide you the lifelong memory of swimming in a gorgeous Puerto Rican bay that’s incredibly lit up bright blue by microscopic organisms. The trip takes about eight hours and costs $199 per person. The trip includes dinner and a certified guide. In most cases this includes hotel pickup as well for those of you staying in San Juan.
  • El Yunque Off the Beaten Path Hiking Tour – This tour is probably the best way to take in the lush green expanse, beauty and wildlife of the El Yunque National Rainforest. With this tour, you can avoid the main trails which are often crowded with tourists. As a result of so many people on those trails, there is less wildlife to view. With this tour, you will take secluded trails that lead to great swimming areas as well as areas filled with exotic wildlife. The tour takes about eight hours and costs $99 per person. Hotel pickup might be offered depending on where you are staying.
  • Underwater Sea Trek in San Juan – Easily one of the unique experiences that you can have anywhere, the Underwater Sea Trek in San Juan is where you can literally walk around on the ocean floor for over half an hour. How is this even possible you ask? Well, you get what looks like an old-school scuba diving helmet with an air hose that connects to the surface. The best part is that there is no experience necessary and kids eight and over can go too. The tour lasts for an hour and a half and costs $88.
  • Old San Juan Sunset Sail – On this tour you will set sail on an old-fashion topsail schooner that will take you around to see the historic sites and monuments in Old San Juan such as fortresses and more. The tour takes just about two hours and costs $95.



Whether you choose bioluminescent bay swimming, snorkeling, zip lining, walking tours, something else or all of them, you are bound to have an amazing experience that you will remember for years to come. Remember to try and book all of the tours that you plan on taking in advanced.

Some tours will pick you up but many times that is at a more central agreed upon location. You still need to get to that spot, wherever it is, yourself. Cabs can be expensive and public transportation is extremely unreliable. You can put your mind at ease and avoid this hassle by shipping your car to Puerto Rico. Give us a call today if you need your car shipped to Puerto Rico at (904) 322-7644!

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