Car Shipment From Puerto Rico

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You have been researching mandated requirements for car shipment from Puerto Rico. Your head is probably spinning with the “Dos and Don’t” to car shipping and what is required. There are many forms that are mandated by the United States Border Protection. These forms are not optional and need to be completed fully and accurately prior to your car shipment’s departure. Shipping to different states and countries require different forms.


Although Puerto Rico is not a state of the United States of America, it is considered United States territory. Therefore, when considering car shipment from Puerto Rico, it is exactly that- a car shipment and not an export. As a result, there are no export duties. However, there is different paperwork that needs to be completed and filed so you can ship out of Puerto Rico. The Foreign Trade Regulations, or FTR,  mandates that shipping companies and customers file Electronic Export Information, or EEI. The Electronic Export Information is mandated for any shipment to the United States with the exception to Canada. Destinations that include the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands make EEI a requirement. This form is regulated by the United States Census Bureau. The Electronic Export Information is export data that is filed with the Automated Export System or AES. This data is equivalent to the former Shipper’s Export Declaration or SED. It is required by the United States Foreign Trade Regulations for exports of goods that are more than $2,500. Car shipment from Puerto Rico falls into this category, even though it is not considered an export. Your car shipment company will be responsible and knowledgeable in ensuring you complete the appropriate forms prior to your car’s departure from Puerto Rico.


Contact us today. We will ensure you have all the mandated forms completed accurately so you can put your car shipment from Puerto Rico into motion.

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