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Ship A Boat To Puerto Rico

Need to Ship A Boat To Puerto Rico?

Here at Puerto Rico Car Transport we specialize in shipping many other types of cargo to Puerto Rico aside from passenger automobiles.We now offer boat shipping to and from Puerto Rico. This has become very common due to the high costs of boats in Puerto Rico.

We recommend to ship a boat to Puerto Rico, as it is more economical then buying one on the island. It is also just as easy and hassle free as shipping a car. We suggest you book your shipment about a month prior so we can work within your time frame needs.(You can book directly online or give us a call). We would need to reserve the space on the ship in advance. For your convenience we can also offer you door-port delivery service. We’ll save you the hassle of towing your boat to the port. We can pick your boat up directly from your doorstep. This is also convenient if you are not located near one of our ports. Transit times do vary depending on your location, but a normal shipping time frame would be around 7-9 days.

Costs To Ship A Boat To Puerto Rico

Shipping costs depend mostly on the size and weight of the boat. Larger boats take up more space and may require special equipment to transport which can raise costs. If you are interested in shipping your boat and would like to speak with a shipping expert for more information, and a FREE QUOTE please call (904) 322-7644.


Harmony of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship has added Puerto Rico to one of its destinations. The Royal Caribbean vessel completed its first voyage to Puerto Rico from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Fifteen more sailings to Puerto Rico are planned through the end of the year.

Harmony spent its first seasons in Europe last year. Then began sailing out of Fort Lauderdale in November heading to included Cozumel, Mexico; Falmouth, Jamaica; and Labadee, Haiti. The new Puerto Rico sailings are seven-night trips that also include stops in Labadee, Haiti and either Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas or Philipsburg, St. Maarten.

Harmony is similar to Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas, these were named the largest in the cruise world.  Some of the ships features include three water slides, two rock climbing walls, two surf simulators, ice skating rink, zipline and The Ultimate Abyss, a 10-story dry slide that plummets passengers down a ride through twists and turns. Those who prefer more leisurely activities won’t be disappointed, either. The ship has three big pools and lounging areas, an adults-only Solarium space, a relaxing spa and live music.

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Puerto Rico Places

Puerto Rico It is neither a country, nor a U.S. state – it is a Commonwealth. The mistake is common here, too, because on the one hand the currency in Puerto Rico is US dollars, the educational system follows the standards of the USA, deliveries there by post and phone calls are charges as domestic; but on the other hand the majority of people speak Spanish,  which gives the feeling of a different country.

Choosing Where to Live

Some of the most popular cities in Puerto Rico include Old San Juan, Fajardo, Palmas Del Mar, Condado, Dorado, Isla Verde, Rincon, Lares, Viequez and of course, San Juan. Finding the best place to live in Puerto Rico is often determined by your place of work. If you are retired, or work from home, your options are more flexible


If you still don’t have a job and you are looking for one have in mind that you may need to have some difficulty as the unemployment rate is very high. However it’s not impossible most employment opportunities lie in the tourism/ hotel industry. It’s a great bonus if you can speak English and Spanish fluently, but even if you don’t speak Spanish there are some companies that would hire you provided you have the matching skill sets they are looking for.


Housing prices in Puerto Rico are comparable to Miami or Los Angeles, but property taxes are considerably lower than most places in the US. The real estate market in Puerto Rico is booming due to population growth. Real Estate agencies are a good starting point for renting or purchasing property.


Puerto Rico has it own tax system. Although it is modeled after the U.S. system, there are differences in law and tax rates. The Puerto Rico tax system is based on self-assessment. Taxes are paid to the state. In addition, a premium is paid to the Social Security.


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It may be small in size but Puerto Rico is full of attractions like Beaches, rainforests, caves, bioluminescent lagoons, and ancient towns. The size of the island makes if the perfect location for a road trip. The fastest way to get around Puerto Rico is by the toll roads or autopista. However we recommend exploring the roads beyond the autopista.  You will discover great drives, awesome views and the chance to explore some of Puerto Rico’s better kept secrets. There is no better way to see Puerto Rico than by car.

La Ruta Panoramica

a Ruta Panoramica, or the panoramic route crosses the heart of Puerto Rico from east to west, offering mountain roads with amazing views of the whole of Puerto Rico. The route starts in Guayama on the south east coast of Puerto Rico and ends on the west coast in Mayaguez. It is one of the most scenic drive in the Caribbean, and you could spend several days exploring the area if you make frequent stops. Popular landmarks along the route include Cerro de Punto, the highest mountain in Puerto Rico; San Cristobal Canyon near Aibonita; Toro Negro Forest Reserve, which includes the Dona Juana waterfall; and Caguana’s Indian Ceremonial Park, home to Taino ruins.

El Yunque

No visit to Puerto Rico is complete without visiting El Yunque, the United States’ only tropical rainforest, and several systems of roads cut through the rainforest for scenic drives. Route 191 from the north will take you into the heart of El Yunque, and there are plenty of picnic areas, hiking trail entrances, lookout towers and waterfalls along the way for stops. The rainforest also has a wide set of roads on its western side, south of Rio Grande.

PR 15 Cayey – Guayama

Take Highway 52 south to get to close to Cayey then take this road PR 15. This road will take you from Cayey to Guayama on the south coast with views of the mountains surrounding Cayey in all their greenery and breath taking views of the east coast and south coast as you head down towards Guayama.  We recommend pulling over and allowing any fast local drivers to pass so that you can enjoy the views . As with most of the routes mentioned, you will need to just pull over when you have a chance to enjoy the views as there is no official look out spots on this route.

PR 901 & PR 3 Yabaucoa – Maunabo – Guayama

This drive will take you along the south east coast of Puerto Rico with views of Vieques and Culebra islands. The quickest route from San Juan is to take Hwy 52 south and then PR 30 to Yabaucoa. From Yabaucoa head south on PR 901. The road twists as it climbs offering great views of the coastline and the islands of Vieques and Culebra. Along this stretch of road you will find several cliff side restaurants with ocean views, if you are looking for somewhere to eat.

PR 102 Joyuda

Just east of Cabo Rojo, PR 102 skirts the coastline north towards Mayaguez. The sea views alone make this a great drive but PR 102 is also well known for its concentration of sea food restaurants.  You can’t miss them, small roadside shacks, bars and restaurants all serving freshly caught seafood with ocean views.

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Typically, from the end of August through until the end of October, hurricane season is in full swing. Just about everyone has heard by now about Hurricane Matthew. While this hurricane doesn’t have a fierce or exotic name, it is, unfortunately, looking like it will pack a powerful punch to anything in its path.

It’s been more than five decades since a hurricane this strong has hit Haiti. This hurricane has made its way to Cuba, Jamaica, and the Bahamas, and looks to land in many more destinations such as Florida and South Carolina just to name a few.

Florida is in a state of emergency with a hurricane warning, and schools and government offices closed. Evacuations in certain areas have been issued. For a close up (and safer way) to view the hurricane, check out this video from

A Slight Shift Can Make a World of Difference

A slight shift in course either east or west can make a difference in how far inland it will hit. While it’s difficult to completely foretell the path of a storm riding the coastline, authorities are opting for a worst-case scenario line of defense. It’s better to be prepared than to be caught off guard.

Hurricane Matthew may gain momentum as it heads to the Florida coast. Storm surges of 10 to 15 feet along with wind gusts of 130 miles per hour could be possible. The storm also looks to make its way to South Carolina, parts of North Carolina and Georgia. Be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

Follow the Leaders

Whatever instructions your leaders are giving, follow them closely. Don’t take it upon yourself to stay where you are if you are being told to evacuate, especially in coastal towns.
The National Guard is being called in, in the state of Florida to help deal with the state of emergency because of Hurricane Matthew. Even if it doesn’t turn out to be as bad as expected, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry. Emergency personnel may not be able to get to you.

Emergency Preparation

Hopefully by now, you’ve gone out to obtain supplies, but if you haven’t check on what you do have. Fill empty containers, water bottles, and large pots full of water to have on hand. Check your battery and flashlight supply. If using a generator make sure you have enough gas on hand. Have all your emergency supplies handy in one place should the power go out; this way you are not scrambling in the dark looking for them. Locate them now. Keep your can opener, canned foods, matches and supplies close by. Don’t wait until the last minute.

Check on your medications and get refills if necessary. Make certain you have all your over-the-counter meds on hand, as well.

Store owners, and home owners near the shore, get your hurricane shutters up and your storefronts boarded. Make sure you have cash on hand as ATMs will be out when the power goes out. Don’t forget about your pets, they’ll need their food and water too.

The Aftermath

No matter how small a puddle of water may look, never walk through any body of water. You don’t know if there are any electrical lines down or actually how deep they are. A small body of water can carry your car away so stay out of and away from any water.
In areas that have not been given a mandatory evacuation and if you’ve stayed put, don’t go venturing out until it’s safe to do so. Wait for state and government officials to send help and stay indoors until told otherwise. Downed trees and power lines can cause serious and fatal injuries even after the storm is over.
Stay calm but keep informed of the storm as it progresses.

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With weather still seemingly summer-like and people still heading to the beaches in some parts of the state, it might be hard to let go of summer once and for all. Summer, after all, may be the busiest time of year to travel, but it’s not the only time of year.
Why not hold on for a little bit longer with these fall trips that just may surprise you.
Colorful Caribbean

If you didn’t make it over the summer to take a trip to the colorful Caribbean, why not consider a fall outing? When it comes to visiting the Caribbean in places like Puerto Rico, most travelers go during the spring or early summer.

However, the majority of travelers will wait for the dead of winter for an escape from bitter cold and darker nights.

When is the best time to visit Puerto Rico? It may be now, in the fall. You may score some cheaper air fare and hotel accommodations because tourism gets a little slower during these months. Kids go back to school and family vacation time is over.

While everyone else is back home planning on pumpkin picking excursions, you could be laying in a hammock somewhere in the Caribbean. Check out THIS ARTICLE from US News for the best of everything when it comes to a trip to Puerto Rico.

During summertime, most travelers can only think of one thing and one thing only – the beach. Who can blame us? We wait all year for those few short weeks of summer bliss where our toes get to melt in the sand as we stare endlessly at the serenity of the ocean or play in its surf.

However, in the fall, most folks resolve to take a fall road trip to catch the leaves falling and changing. However, there are so many historical landmarks to visit during fall:

• Boston
• Washington, D.C.
• Philadelphia
• New York City

These are just to name a few fall trips that may surprise and delight you. Many folks set off to see the changing colors of the leaves in places like New England during fall. However, visiting landmarks might be a better option with less crowds. Most travelers save their historic sightseeing trips for spring and their leaf-peeping trips for fall.
Why not be creative and visit some historic landmarks this fall?


What better way to end the summer than on a road trip to visit a lighthouse? Lighthouses are the symbol of the beach and summertime and what better way to ease into fall than to visit an historic lighthouse?
While the majority of tourists are on the road, why not take an off-the-beaten path trek to one of these:
• Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, North Carolina
• Montauk Point Lighthouse Long Island
• Sambro Island Lighthouse, Nova Scotia Canada
• Portland Head Lighthouse, Cape Elizabeth
• Peggy’s Point Lighthouse, Canada
These are only to name a few.
While everyone else is chasing leaves, you might want to find yourself lost on one of these adventures.

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Most people think of Puerto Rico and think of a tropical paradise which, of course, is what it actually is. However, there’s so much more to Puerto Rico than meets the eye. If you are lucky enough to travel there on occasion, there’s another side to Puerto Rico beside all that luxurious white sand and aqua-blue water.
For the Sea-lover
Of course, the number one sport would have to do with being in, on or near the ocean. There are plenty of water sport activities in Puerto Rico to enjoy. Visitors can enjoy activities on top of the water such as boating and sailing. With water as blue as a sapphire, it’s no wonder the people of Puerto Rico and visitors alike enjoy sailing and boating so much.
Diving and snorkeling are wonderful under the sea activities for visitors to enjoy. Not only do you get to take in the breathtaking views of the ocean there along with magnificent sunsets, you get to explore a whole new world underneath the ocean. And this new world is stunning.
You get to experience the thrill of adventure and the possibilities of seeing sights you’ve never seen before when you take to visiting the underwater world in Puerto Rico.
A trip to bioluminescent bay, where you travel through mangroves to see the glowing blue waters of this area that turns blue at the slightest touch will enchant you for a lifetime.
Of course, there’s fishing, swimming and surfing to thoroughly enjoy as well.
For the Land-lover
If you prefer to watch the sunset from afar and stay on dry land, but crave the thrill of and competition of the sporting life, there’s plenty to do on dry land, as well.
Hiking through the rainforest is a great activity to take on during your visit to Puerto Rico. Also with hundreds of tennis courts to choose from, you could play a game or two as you overlook the most beautiful vistas you’ve ever seen.
What’s a trip to the beach without a good game of beach volleyball? There’s plenty of places to play and plenty of beach to play on in Puerto Rico.
Another favorite pastime in Puerto Rico is horseback riding, especially on the beach. If you’ve never gone horseback riding on the beach and are planning to visit Puerto Rico, now’s as good a time as any to take part in what could be a once-in-a-lifetime activity.
What better place to play a round or two than on a cliff overlooking the aqua-blue waters of Puerto Rico.
While all these activities may not put you in the Olympics, they are all enjoyable in their own right just the same. For a truly in-depth article about the part Puerto Rico played in this year’s Olympics, click HERE

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Most people celebrate Memorial Day as the official, “unofficial” start of summer. There are backyard barbeques, beach trips and the long-awaited for road trips that take place, as well. However, the real start of summer is actually June 20th.

For many busy people, there wasn’t the chance to celebrate and embrace the idea of the beginning of summer back at the end of May. The weather may have still been cloudy and damp depending on where they live. So, now there’s no running or hiding and no excuses about being too busy. Summer is upon is and it will be officially here.

What is Summer Solstice?

Factually, summer solstice is the longest day of the year. For celebratory reasons, summer solstice is the day where we can bask in the sun the longest, ride the waves the most and enjoy all of the summery delights we’ve waited so long for to arrive.
A whole 12 hours of summer fun to enjoy. Now, that’s something worth celebrating. Wintertime is full of wet, snowy and icy weather. Springtime can be damp and rainy, but summer is short and oh so sweet. That’s why summer solstice is celebrated so much.
No matter what state you live in, there’s bound to be a summer solstice celebration somewhere whether in the form of a musical festival or even a planned trip to the gorgeous isles of Puerto Rico. What better place than that to celebrate the summer sun.
Here are a few more summer fun festivals to celebrate your way from the beginning of summer solstice to the Labor Day weekend.

A New York Solstice

If you’ve ever been to Times Square in New York, you know it’s one of the busiest places in the states. Even if you haven’t visited, you know all about the hustle and bustle of it all.
Well, in the midst of all that hustle and bustle, you can join in on the summer solstice fun with Solstice in Times Square. Strike a pose – a yoga pose that is, and get ready to celebrate fun, summer, and the city that never sleeps. Find some Zen in the middle of the busiest place on earth.

Sand and Surf

If the hustle and bustle of a major city is not your style, then why not try your hand at sand sculpting. The Master Sand Sculpting Competition in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire is by invitation only is for the true artists of sand sculpting. You can enjoy dozens of festivities on the beach throughout the states:


• jazz festivals on the boardwalk
• concerts at the beach
• volleyball tournaments
• catamaran regattas
• arts and crafts festivals
• dance lessons on the boardwalk
• yoga on the beach

When it comes to reasons and ways to celebrate the longest day of the year and summer solstice on the beach, there is no shortage of ideas or activities anywhere.

Eat Your Way to Fun
Another great way to celebrate summer is with tradition. Every year, Nathan’s hosts its annual Fourth of July hotdog eating contest. Don’t worry if you’re not a participant in the contest, you can still get in on loads of fun. What better way to celebrate summer than to view a world-famous hotdog eating contest?

Take a Trip to Puerto Rico
Every year in June, the Festival of St. John the Baptist is celebrated in Puerto Rico. The patron saint of San Juan is loved and adored by thousands. You can watch a parade, dance your way through the streets or take part in the many cultural celebrations surrounding it.
For more info on the special day, check out this article from USA Today.
Whether you start your celebration on June 20th or throughout the summer, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this special time of year.

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Cinco de Mayo


In Spanish, May 5th is also known as Cinco de Mayo. Thousands of people all over the world celebrate this day in Mexican history. Some would even say that Cinco de Mayo is celebrated more in the United States than it is in Mexico.
What is Cinco de Mayo? Cinco de Mayo commemorates an important day in Mexico’s history. It’s a day to remember the Battle of Puebla where they successfully kept the forces of the French army at bay. It certainly is a day for celebrating in Mexico, but here in the United States, it’s celebrated just about everywhere and in many ways, shapes and forms.
First things first on the 5th of May
If you’re like most folks, you headed out to grab yourself a tequila or two, but why not take some time to delve into the history and culture of the holiday in the first place. One of the best ways to celebrate the 5th of May is to get to know the history and culture of the holiday first, and then go out and celebrate.
Do: Eat, drink, play
Learn the culture of Mexico. Learn about their strong bonds to family, the way they enjoy and celebrate life and the delectable foods they conjure up. Learn the language; a couple of Spanish words here and there and your Cinco de Mayo celebration could have been even better. Listen to some authentic Mexican music, find a mariachi band or learn the traditional folklorio dances of Mexico. Eat the foods of the Mexican culture; try an empanada or add a little heat to your food with a little chili powder or cumin.
Try an authentic Mexican drink other than a margarita or tequila. Try Horchata – a drink made from almonds, milk and rice, believe it or not; you can spike it up in many different way or enjoy a Micheladas. For more recipes on authentic Mexican mixers, check out this article here:
Be: Responsible
If you’re going to drink on Cinco de Mayo (and let’s face it most people do), then do so responsibly. Just like any other holiday or celebration, drink responsibly. Whether you’re celebrating St. Patty’s Day or Cinco de Mayo, take a cab or use a designated driver.
Support: Local Mom and Pop Eateries
What better way to make a contribution to Mexican heritage than to eat out in an authentic Mexican eatery? Visit one of the local mom and pop eateries in your neighborhood and savor Mexican fare at its finest on the best day of the year to do so – Cinco de Mayo.

If you didn’t get the chance to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, you can always take these things on at any given time of year. Eat, enjoy and savor all that the Mexican heritage has to offer any time of the year.

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Florida Expo 2016
Ven a visitarnos el 12 de marzo para la Expo 2016 de Florida en el Centro de Convenciones de Puerto Rico en San Juan . La Expo Florida, ofrece la oportunidad de recibir información gratuita sobre cómo avanzar con éxito a la Florida . Cada año miles de puertorriqueños se trasladan a Florida en la esperanza de un futuro más brillante . Esta exposición ofrecerá consejos sobre qué esperar , puntas móviles votos e incluso ofrecer oportunidades de trabajo . Las puertas están abiertas 09 a.m.-6 p.m. . Nos encontraremos en las cabinas # E004 & # D004 ! Estaremos encantados de darle a su más información sobre cómo llevar su vehículo con usted a su nuevo hogar en la Florida!

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