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Jump to section: Security measures Safe places to park Wrapping up     Security measures Preventing car theft is much more effective, inexpensive and less time consuming than recovering a stolen car is. That is why you must take every … Continue reading

Jump to section: Washing your car properly Advice for keeping it clean after you wash it Conclusion     Washing your car properly Washing your car yourself has its benefits. It saves you money, you can take the exact amount … Continue reading

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The best time to visit and/or relocate to Puerto Rico is in June. Beaches are now beginning to fill up, tourist spots are becoming more crowded, and hurricane season is just beginning so it isn’t in full swing just yet. … Continue reading

Transporting cars overseas can seem like a very stressful, expensive, and time consuming move. However, it is actually quite the opposite, especially if you decide to ship with us. Transporting cars from state to state is different than transporting cars … Continue reading

Visiting Puerto Rico? In order to get a true appreciation and get the most out of the island, you will need your car in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is known for its scenic views of the Caribbean and there is … Continue reading

The United Group of Automobile Importers, (known as GUIA), predicted that 2014 would be stable for auto sales in Puerto Rico. 2013 was a challenging year for the auto industry. Car sales dropped 11.3 percent in Puerto Rico. January of … Continue reading

UPDATE – View live port gate cameras in real time. Get an inside look of the day to day operations from a birds eye view at the port. Visit the live gate cam page to see what’s going on right … Continue reading

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