Car Import Safety

car import safety

The business of importing cars has been increasingly on the rise. As a result, the Department of Homeland Security has put together information for the United States Customs and Border Protection to ensure companies and people  are safely importing their car. Knowing import safety prior to your car shipment will give you a peace of mind. Whether you are importing your car to the United States or to another country, your car will have to go through customs. At customs, you will need to provide a Bill of Lading, registration, and any other documents connecting to your car. While our company will take care of your pick up arrangements, it is important to have documentation of your vehicle’s arrival date so that it is coordinated with customs. All car shipments are cleared at the port of entry unless otherwise noted. This will provide import safety for your car. Furthermore, in order to prevent the transporting of foreign soil, it is best that you completely wash the exterior of your car prior to shipment. Most importantly, for your own import safety, and to ensure you are safely importing your car, it is highly recommended you clean out the contents of your car. This will greatly reduce the risk of loss or stolen property during transport and/or when your car gets to the loading and unloading docks. Lastly, get familiar with EPA Standard Form 3520-1. This form is required by the United States Customs and Border Protections for the importation of almost all cars such as passenger vehicles and highway motorcycles. This required form is to confirm all vehicles meet the air pollution emissions standards and requirements. However, it is important to note that this form is not required if you are importing your car directly from a manufacturer since it is a new vehicle.


Before your shipment date, be sure to have all of the required documents filled out. But don’t worry, contact our office and we can help you with all of your car shipment needs and questions.


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