Fall Trips That Will Surprise You

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With weather still seemingly summer-like and people still heading to the beaches in some parts of the state, it might be hard to let go of summer once and for all. Summer, after all, may be the busiest time of year to travel, but it’s not the only time of year.
Why not hold on for a little bit longer with these fall trips that just may surprise you.
Colorful Caribbean

If you didn’t make it over the summer to take a trip to the colorful Caribbean, why not consider a fall outing? When it comes to visiting the Caribbean in places like Puerto Rico, most travelers go during the spring or early summer.

However, the majority of travelers will wait for the dead of winter for an escape from bitter cold and darker nights.

When is the best time to visit Puerto Rico? It may be now, in the fall. You may score some cheaper air fare and hotel accommodations because tourism gets a little slower during these months. Kids go back to school and family vacation time is over.

While everyone else is back home planning on pumpkin picking excursions, you could be laying in a hammock somewhere in the Caribbean. Check out THIS ARTICLE from US News for the best of everything when it comes to a trip to Puerto Rico.

During summertime, most travelers can only think of one thing and one thing only – the beach. Who can blame us? We wait all year for those few short weeks of summer bliss where our toes get to melt in the sand as we stare endlessly at the serenity of the ocean or play in its surf.

However, in the fall, most folks resolve to take a fall road trip to catch the leaves falling and changing. However, there are so many historical landmarks to visit during fall:

• Boston
• Washington, D.C.
• Philadelphia
• New York City

These are just to name a few fall trips that may surprise and delight you. Many folks set off to see the changing colors of the leaves in places like New England during fall. However, visiting landmarks might be a better option with less crowds. Most travelers save their historic sightseeing trips for spring and their leaf-peeping trips for fall.
Why not be creative and visit some historic landmarks this fall?


What better way to end the summer than on a road trip to visit a lighthouse? Lighthouses are the symbol of the beach and summertime and what better way to ease into fall than to visit an historic lighthouse?
While the majority of tourists are on the road, why not take an off-the-beaten path trek to one of these:
• Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, North Carolina
• Montauk Point Lighthouse Long Island
• Sambro Island Lighthouse, Nova Scotia Canada
• Portland Head Lighthouse, Cape Elizabeth
• Peggy’s Point Lighthouse, Canada
These are only to name a few.
While everyone else is chasing leaves, you might want to find yourself lost on one of these adventures.

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