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Most people think of Puerto Rico and think of a tropical paradise which, of course, is what it actually is. However, there’s so much more to Puerto Rico than meets the eye. If you are lucky enough to travel there on occasion, there’s another side to Puerto Rico beside all that luxurious white sand and aqua-blue water.
For the Sea-lover
Of course, the number one sport would have to do with being in, on or near the ocean. There are plenty of water sport activities in Puerto Rico to enjoy. Visitors can enjoy activities on top of the water such as boating and sailing. With water as blue as a sapphire, it’s no wonder the people of Puerto Rico and visitors alike enjoy sailing and boating so much.
Diving and snorkeling are wonderful under the sea activities for visitors to enjoy. Not only do you get to take in the breathtaking views of the ocean there along with magnificent sunsets, you get to explore a whole new world underneath the ocean. And this new world is stunning.
You get to experience the thrill of adventure and the possibilities of seeing sights you’ve never seen before when you take to visiting the underwater world in Puerto Rico.
A trip to bioluminescent bay, where you travel through mangroves to see the glowing blue waters of this area that turns blue at the slightest touch will enchant you for a lifetime.
Of course, there’s fishing, swimming and surfing to thoroughly enjoy as well.
For the Land-lover
If you prefer to watch the sunset from afar and stay on dry land, but crave the thrill of and competition of the sporting life, there’s plenty to do on dry land, as well.
Hiking through the rainforest is a great activity to take on during your visit to Puerto Rico. Also with hundreds of tennis courts to choose from, you could play a game or two as you overlook the most beautiful vistas you’ve ever seen.
What’s a trip to the beach without a good game of beach volleyball? There’s plenty of places to play and plenty of beach to play on in Puerto Rico.
Another favorite pastime in Puerto Rico is horseback riding, especially on the beach. If you’ve never gone horseback riding on the beach and are planning to visit Puerto Rico, now’s as good a time as any to take part in what could be a once-in-a-lifetime activity.
What better place to play a round or two than on a cliff overlooking the aqua-blue waters of Puerto Rico.
While all these activities may not put you in the Olympics, they are all enjoyable in their own right just the same. For a truly in-depth article about the part Puerto Rico played in this year’s Olympics, click HERE

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