Rules of the Road in Puerto Rico

Rules of the road in Puerto Rico

You have shipped your car or are thinking about shipping your car overseas to Puerto Rico. Having your car will allow you to explore the island and everything it has to offer. There are some rules of the road that are the same as the United States such as driving on the right side of the road and requiring every passenger to wear a seatbelt. However, there are some rules of the road that are not similar to the United States. Below are some rules of the road you should learn before setting out to explore.

The Difference Between Single, Double, Triple, Four Digit Autopistas/Highways:

Single- digit roads are considered to be “main” highways and you can expect a traffic light every couple of hours. Double- digit roads are considered to be “newer” highways and are known for having tolls. Triple- digit highways are smaller roads and are considered to be “country” roads. You will most likely not explore four- digit roads. These roads are usually one lane and are advised for people who know where they are going.

Rules of the Road That You Can Expect the Locals to Not Follow:

  • Although it is law to use blinkers to signal switching of lanes, many people don’t use blinders when turning or changing lanes.

  • Puerto Rico has a “no pass on the right” rule, but you can expect that the locals will pass in any lane. Like us, usually the left lane is the fast lane, and passing is done on the right. However, you can expect that the locals will drive slow or fast in any lane that they want.

  • If a local misses a turn, you can expect that they won’t continue on their path in order to find a way to turn around. Instead, they will stop suddenly and back up in order to get to their missed turn or exit that they wanted.

If you have any rules of the road questions once you’re in Puerto Rico, you could always stop and ask a police officer, as they are local in patrolling. However, if you are driving in front or next to one, don’t freak out when you see the patrol car blue lights on. The police drive around all the time with blue lights on. So don’t panic unless you hear sirens.

If you do not understand Spanish, there are some words you can learn to ensure you are safe on the road.

Pare- stop

Ceda- yield

Cuidado- caution

Salida- cxit

Transito- one way

Peaje- toll

Autopista- Highway or expressway

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