Why You Need Your Car in Puerto Rico

your car in Puerto Rico

Visiting Puerto Rico?

In order to get a true appreciation and get the most out of the island, you will need your car in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is known for its scenic views of the Caribbean and there is so much to offer. The older the coastal highway, the more scenic views you will see. With your car, you can visit these highways and scenic views conveniently at your leisure. Take your car out for an early morning drive and park to watch the sunrise. Or, you will have the luxury of taking a cruise after dinner and watching the sunset.

Puerto Rico is known for its beaches. Instead of relying on public transportation and having to carry all of your beach necessities, you can easily pack up your car for a day at the beach. Having your car in Puerto Rico will allow you to beach hop. Some beaches are known to be the best day time beaches such as Bioluminescent Mosquito Bay, El Morro, and Flamenco Beach. Other beaches are known to be popular in the evenings such as Sun Bay (Vieques) and Mosquito Bay. Condado Beach is a  favorite to many sun- lovers, but you will need to venture to it if you aren’t close to San Juan. Therefore, you need your car. The beach has a local parking lot so no need to worry about parking.

You will also need your car in order to explore the vast variety of outlet shopping, restaurants, museums, and rainforests. Your own car will also allow you to explore the Spanish Forts at Castillo San Cristobal. Since there is so much adventure on one island, you can cover multiple parts of the island and sights in a few days. After all, you can drive the entire island of Puerto Rico in just a little over 4 hours.

Let us help you ship your car  so you can take full advantage of Puerto Rico.

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