Crazy Things You’ll See While Driving in Puerto Rico

driving in puerto rico

Relocating to Puerto Rico and taking your car with you? Well soon, you’ll be driving in Puerto Rico and the roads can be a bit different from where you’re coming from. Driving in Puerto Rico can be a unique experience and you will be witnessing things you’ve maybe never seen before. Although you drive on the right side of the road and the same basic driving rules are enforced, there are some differences you can expect to see. Below are some crazy things you can expect to see while driving in Puerto Rico.


City centers are known for a crazy amount of traffic, especially during rush hour, holidays, and weekends.


Slow drivers keep to the left and oftentimes speed limits are just on the side of the road for show. Many people can be seen going well over the speed limit, while others are seen in the left lane going well under the speed limit.


Motorcyclists are usually weaving in and out of cars. They ride at very high speeds and are often wearing no more than a t-shirt.


Red lights and stop signs aren’t strictly enforced. Many people do not stop at stop signs, especially during early morning hours. Yellow usually means slow down; however, in Puerto Rico, to some, yellow means go faster.


Depending where you are from, you may have to be cautious of deer, geese, raccoons, and/or turkeys crossing the road. In Puerto Rico you need to be on the lookout for iguanas. Iguanas are everywhere. They don’t care if you are driving, they are still going to cross the road. Since they are slow moving, they are unfortunately killed by drivers.


In some areas speed bumps can be found almost every couple of feet. Some speed bumps are painted so you are giving a warning that one is approaching. However, others are not, so it can make for a very bumpy ride.


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