Making a U-Turn in Puerto Rico

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When U-turns are and are not legal
Making a U-turn safely


There are various reasons that you might need to make a U turn in Puerto Rico. Maybe you missed your turn or maybe it will help you cut down on travel time. Regardless of why you are making a U turn, you need to know that doing so is sometimes legal and other times it is illegal.

You can typically make a legal U turn where regular turns are permitted unless otherwise posted. This means that sometimes there will be a sign stipulating “No U turns”. Furthermore, you may never make a U turn legally in a school zone because it can be too difficult to see children crossing the street while you are turning. You also may never make a U turn by crossing a double yellow line. In fact, a turn across any solid double yellow line is never legal. You also may not make a U turn against a red light or without properly signaling.

Making a U-turn safely

A U turn can be a potentially dangerous maneuver if you do not take the proper precautions. You could end up striking a pedestrian, colliding with another car head-on or getting t-boned. Whenever you make a U-turn, take your time and do so as safely as possible.

Before you even stop to start your U-turn, you first need to signal in the direction that your U-turn will begin. Keep your signal on throughout the turn. You should also look all ways to check for any oncoming traffic or hazards before you start your turn. Finally, always merge into the closest lane when you are completing your U-turn. So, if you are starting a U-turn from the left lane on one side of the road, be sure that you end up in the left most lane on the other side of the road as you complete your U-turn.


Making a U-turn can be quite a useful tool when you are driving. It can literally get you headed in the right direction. However, it can also be a very dangerous maneuver. Many times, it is also not legal either. So, when you are making a U-turn in Puerto Rico, you must be sure that it is legal. Then, be sure you signal, check all directions and turn with extreme caution. If you need your car moved to Puerto Rico, contact us at any time throughout the year by calling (904) 322-7644!

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