All You Need to Know About Stop Signs in Puerto Rico

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Exercising the proper caution at stop signs
The Risk you take by rolling through a stop sign


Exercising the proper caution at stop signs

Stopping at a stop sign seems as simple as it can get. However, it proves very difficult for some people. This unfortunately proves to be true frequently in Puerto Rico. Stopping properly and safely at stop signs is always important but when other people are not doing the same, it becomes even more critical that you do.

In order to properly stop at a stop sign, the process begins with always being alert and keeping your eyes on the road so that you do not miss one. This obviously includes avoiding any and all distracted driving such as using your cell phone while you are behind the wheel. When you are approaching a stop sign you should immediately take your foot off of the acceleration and prepare to slowly brake.

You should ensure that your vehicle comes to a stop at the white line next to the stop sign. This means the very front of your car should be right over the line. When you come to a stop, make sure that it is a complete stop. This means your wheels have stopped moving completely and the entire car is at rest. Once that occurs, you can check every direction to make sure that it is safe to proceed. Only then, should you start driving again.

The risk you take by rolling through a stop sign

There are over seven hundred thousand car accidents each year in the United States at intersections with stop signs. However, if you run a stop sign, you might not hit a car. You might hit a pedestrian or bike rider for which the consequences and cost will be much more severe. Regardless of whether you hit a car or pedestrian, you will be responsible to pay for damages and can end up facing criminal charges as well. Even if you run a stop sign and do not hit anyone, you could be pulled over and ticketed, all because you could not come to a stop for a quick moment. It is just not worth it in the end.


Whether you are in Puerto Rico or anywhere else, make sure that you always come to a full and complete stop at any and all stop signs. If you roll through a stop sign or flat out blow a stop sign, you are risking getting a ticket, or much worse getting into an accident with another driver or pedestrian. If that happens, you will need to pay for damages to any vehicles involved and could face criminal charges or lawsuits depending on if anyone else was injured during the collision.

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