Best Ways to Celebrate Summer Solstice

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Most people celebrate Memorial Day as the official, “unofficial” start of summer. There are backyard barbeques, beach trips and the long-awaited for road trips that take place, as well. However, the real start of summer is actually June 20th.

For many busy people, there wasn’t the chance to celebrate and embrace the idea of the beginning of summer back at the end of May. The weather may have still been cloudy and damp depending on where they live. So, now there’s no running or hiding and no excuses about being too busy. Summer is upon is and it will be officially here.

What is Summer Solstice?

Factually, summer solstice is the longest day of the year. For celebratory reasons, summer solstice is the day where we can bask in the sun the longest, ride the waves the most and enjoy all of the summery delights we’ve waited so long for to arrive.
A whole 12 hours of summer fun to enjoy. Now, that’s something worth celebrating. Wintertime is full of wet, snowy and icy weather. Springtime can be damp and rainy, but summer is short and oh so sweet. That’s why summer solstice is celebrated so much.
No matter what state you live in, there’s bound to be a summer solstice celebration somewhere whether in the form of a musical festival or even a planned trip to the gorgeous isles of Puerto Rico. What better place than that to celebrate the summer sun.
Here are a few more summer fun festivals to celebrate your way from the beginning of summer solstice to the Labor Day weekend.

A New York Solstice

If you’ve ever been to Times Square in New York, you know it’s one of the busiest places in the states. Even if you haven’t visited, you know all about the hustle and bustle of it all.
Well, in the midst of all that hustle and bustle, you can join in on the summer solstice fun with Solstice in Times Square. Strike a pose – a yoga pose that is, and get ready to celebrate fun, summer, and the city that never sleeps. Find some Zen in the middle of the busiest place on earth.

Sand and Surf

If the hustle and bustle of a major city is not your style, then why not try your hand at sand sculpting. The Master Sand Sculpting Competition in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire is by invitation only is for the true artists of sand sculpting. You can enjoy dozens of festivities on the beach throughout the states:


• jazz festivals on the boardwalk
• concerts at the beach
• volleyball tournaments
• catamaran regattas
• arts and crafts festivals
• dance lessons on the boardwalk
• yoga on the beach

When it comes to reasons and ways to celebrate the longest day of the year and summer solstice on the beach, there is no shortage of ideas or activities anywhere.

Eat Your Way to Fun
Another great way to celebrate summer is with tradition. Every year, Nathan’s hosts its annual Fourth of July hotdog eating contest. Don’t worry if you’re not a participant in the contest, you can still get in on loads of fun. What better way to celebrate summer than to view a world-famous hotdog eating contest?

Take a Trip to Puerto Rico
Every year in June, the Festival of St. John the Baptist is celebrated in Puerto Rico. The patron saint of San Juan is loved and adored by thousands. You can watch a parade, dance your way through the streets or take part in the many cultural celebrations surrounding it.
For more info on the special day, check out this article from USA Today.
Whether you start your celebration on June 20th or throughout the summer, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this special time of year.

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