The Proper Way to Park Near a Curb in Puerto Rico

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How far to park from the curb
How you can avoid hitting the curb or parking too far away
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How far to park from the curb

When you have a car in Puerto Rico, you will find that if you drive in a city area like San Juan or Bayamon, you will often need to park your car on the street. This means that you will need to know what the optimal distance to park from the curb will be.

Parking too far away from the curb can result in your car being sideswiped as other drivers pass you or you can even get a ticket for impeding traffic. On the other hand, if you park too close to the curb, you risk hitting it which can damage your tires and rims. You should park at least 6 inches away from the curb, but no more than 12 inches from the curb.

How you can avoid hitting the curb or parking to far away

If you find it difficult to eyeball or sense how far you are parking from a curb, there are a few tricks that will help you park the right distance away from the curb with ease. First, you can always check out a car parked in front of you or behind you that seems to be the correct distance from the curb and line your car up perfectly with one of those vehicles as you park. You can also just do your best, get out and check and then get back in your car and readjust if necessary.

You also have the option of going to an auto parts store like AutoZone and purchasing what are called “curb feelers.” Curb feelers are long flexible metal extensions that extend out from the bottom of the side of your car. They are springy and will vibrate if contacted by the curb which will produce a sound letting you know that you are parked to close to the curb.

Final Word

Parking the correct distance away from the curb in Puerto Rico is important because it will prevent you from getting a ticket or being sideswiped but it will also prevent you from damaging your tires or rims if you hit the curb when parking. In order to avoid hitting the curb when you are parking your car, you should always take it nice and slow when you park. In order to be the optimal distance from the curb, try to line your car up with a car in front of or behind you that is parked the right distance from the curb or you can purchasse and install curb feelers on the side of your car in order to alert you if you are too close to the curb. If you have any questions about shipping a car to Puerto Rico or want a free quote, you can call us at (904) 322-7644!

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