The Car Washes of Puerto Rico

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Washing your car in Puerto Rico
The best car washes across Puerto Rico
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Washing your car in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has areas with tons of rain. It also has areas with average amounts of rain. Overall, Puerto Rico has more rain than most places. For example, San Juan gets almost seventy inches of rain per year while a place like New York gets about forty-five inches of rain per year.

The roads in populated areas are also just as clean or dirty (depending on how you look at it) as any other populated area in the world. Thus, you have your first to reasons two get your car washed in Puerto Rico.

Moreover, Puerto Rico is surrounded by the ocean which is all salt water. This could end up being responsible for the corrosion of a car’s finish if it is exposed to coastal winds. These winds carry what is known as salt air. Ocean air picks up both moisture and salt when it passes over the water. Then when the air hits your car later on, the moisture and salt end up sticking to your car. The salt then slowly corrodes the finish unless you get your car washed.

You also need to consider that if you have your car in Puerto Rico and you are going to ship it somewhere, you will need to get it washed. The reason for this is that when you drop the car off at the port, a thorough visual inspection of your vehicle will take place. If your car is dirty, this will take much longer and could possibly end up delaying your shipment. So, be sure you get your car washed right before you drop it off for shipping.

The best car washes across Puerto Rico

Here are some of your very best options when it comes to washing your car in Puerto Rico:

  • Xpress Lube – Located in Ponce, Puerto Rico, Xpress Lube has a 4.4-star rating on Google.
  • Dream Team Car Wash – Located in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, Dream Team Car Wash has a 4.5 rating on Google.
  • El Túnel Car Wash – Located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, El Túnel Car Wash has a 4.2 rating on Google.
  • Fast & Furious Car Wash – Located in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, Fast & Furious Car Wash has a 4.5 rating on Google.



Getting your car washed in Puerto Rico is important for several reasons. It will prevent dirt building up from the rain and street, it will prevent corrosion from salt air and it will help you ship your car as smoothly as possible.

If you do intend to ship your car from Puerto Rico to the United States or vice versa, you can call us anytime time at (904) 322-7644 to get a free quote and book your shipment.

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