These Are The Best Restaurants In Puerto Rico With Directions To Drive There

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Puerto Rico’s best restaurants
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Puerto Rico’s best restaurants

If you are going on vacation or will be staying in Puerto Rico for an extended period, you will want to know where the best places to eat are located. Puerto Rico has a bunch of wonderful places where you can eat that offer the chance to try some of the delicious native cuisine.

  • Que PezCa’o – This restaurant is likely the top spot in Puerto Rico for seafood. It also features some great but mellow live music as well. It is a must-not-miss stop in Puerto Rico.
  • Sage Steak Loft – The Sage Steak Loft is located inside of the o:live Boutique Hotel in Condado. It is widely regarded as the best steak house in all of Puerto Rico. It features Chef Mario Pagán of Iron Chef fame as well.
  • 1919 Restaurant – The 1919 Restaurant is located in the Condado Vanderbilt hotel in Condado. It is another fancy and delicious spot to stop at while you are in Puerto Rico. This is the best spot on the island to get some local, fresh and delectable Puerto Rican dishes.
  • Bodegas Compostella – This restaurant is unlike anything else that you will come across in Puerto Rico. It is a fusion wine cellar and restaurant with some incredible wine and very unique yet delicious dishes. From suckling pig to octopus, they have it all when it comes to authentic Puerto Rican food.
  • El Quenepo – El Quenepo is a quaint but great little spot on the smaller island of Vieques. So, you will need to travel off of the main island of Puerto Rico, but it will be worth it. The food is some delectable and interesting Caribbean-style seafood.


Facts about dining in Puerto Rico

If you are going to be dining in Puerto Rico, there are a few things that you should be aware of first. One such thing is that some of the menus will only be available in Spanish, so make sure you have an available method of translation.

Also, be aware that most people eat pretty late in Puerto Rico. Many restaurants, including the ones listed above tend to open around 6 PM. If you choose to eat dinner before 8 PM you can expect that the restaurant will not be that busy.

Many restaurants can get quite busy at times. So, be sure to call ahead at any restaurant you plan on dinning at. Some might even require a reservation several days in advanced.

It is generally a good idea to dress nicely when you go out to eat. Puerto Ricans often dress quite nicely when they go out to eat. This means a dress for women and a suit jacket and possibly even a tie for men. You can ask the restaurant about their attire when you call to see if any tables are available.

If you are driving your car there you you should leave early because parking on the street in Puerto Rico can be difficult at certain times. You can always find a local garage or lot and park there for a small fee as well.

Finally, unlike the United States, in Puerto Rico you are expected to find your own table when you enter a restaurant. So, if you see an open table you can likely take it. If it does happen to be reserved for someone else, there will likely be a sign.

Final word

When you are deciding where you should eat in Puerto Rico keep in mind that there are several options to choose from. You should try to visit and dine at all of the wonderful restaurants in the area in order to help support the local economy. You should also be aware of the local dining customs such as eating later on and dressing up.

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