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speak spanish

Traveling and relocating to another country is such a memorable time. It is full of exciting new adventures and experiences. However, if you can’t speak the language or understand the slang, then you may become frustrated and feel lost. If you already speak Spanish, then you are off to a great start. In order to experience the culture, navigate your way around, and leisurely explore restaurants, shopping, and history, you’ll need to at least speak Spanish a little bit.  If you have no clue on where to start with learning the language, below are some common used words, phrases, and slang used in Puerto Rico.


A fuego-  Translates to “on fire”. However, this term is also widely used by many to show their feelings that something is really pleasing or attractive.


Chacho- The real word is munchaco, which means boy or young man. Chacho means “Oh, boy!” which is the phrase used when something happens that is either by surprise or unexpected.


Mira- Translates to “look” but it also means “hey” as in you want to get someone’s attention.


Wepa!- A happy and positive phrase! Wepa means “Yay!” “Great job” or “Congrats!”


Nitido- If you like something, then it is nitido, which translates to “cool.”


Chavos- The slang term for cash.


Guagua- The slang terms for the public transportation buses that run through San Juan, Old San Juan, and the surrounding communities. Many Puerto Ricans utilize this public transportation system because it covers lots of grounds in the surrounding areas. However, the buses are usually late.


Estoy perdido- I’m lost


De ida y vuelta- roundtrip


Como se dice?- How do you say?


Estoy buscando solamente, gracias!- I am only looking, thank you!


Pa’lla (contraction of para alla)- Over there


Pa’ca (contraction on para aca)- Over here


Iguaca- A rare endangered parrot found in El Yunque, the Puerto Rican Amazon. It is a symbol of the island and the government is working hard to try and save them from endangerment.


Borinquen- Puerto Rican


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