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Relocating to Puerto Rico and taking your car with you? Well soon, you’ll be driving in Puerto Rico and the roads can be a bit different from where you’re coming from. Driving in Puerto Rico can be a unique experience … Continue reading

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Buying real estate in Puerto Rico can be an exciting experience, but also nerve wracking, especially if you aren’t familiar with the state and towns. Choosing the perfect place to settle down in can be overwhelming, so where do you … Continue reading

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Traveling and relocating to another country is such a memorable time. It is full of exciting new adventures and experiences. However, if you can’t speak the language or understand the slang, then you may become frustrated and feel lost. If … Continue reading

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Since Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, it takes part in all United States public holidays, which includes Independence Day. Fourth of July in Puerto Rico is celebrated much like it is in the United States. The … Continue reading

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The best time to visit and/or relocate to Puerto Rico is in June. Beaches are now beginning to fill up, tourist spots are becoming more crowded, and hurricane season is just beginning so it isn’t in full swing just yet. … Continue reading

Puerto Rico, located in the Caribbean, is known for its crystal blue beaches, breathtaking landscape, mountains, waterfalls, and historical filled structures. There are so many “Puerto Rico Must Dos” that it could be overwhelming making an itinerary and knowing what … Continue reading

Islands across the Caribbean have been distraught since the devastation of the last hurricane occurred. Hurricane Irma was the worst natural disaster to hit Puerto Rico in the last century. It’s been almost a month since the hurricane hit the … Continue reading

Need to Ship A Boat To Puerto Rico? Here at Puerto Rico Car Transport we specialize in shipping many other types of cargo to Puerto Rico aside from passenger automobiles.We now offer boat shipping to and from Puerto Rico. This … Continue reading

Harmony of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship has added Puerto Rico to one of its destinations. The Royal Caribbean vessel completed its first voyage to Puerto Rico from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Fifteen more sailings to Puerto Rico are … Continue reading

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The 2015 Puerto Rican Investment Summit was a meeting of the minds where the Puerto Rican government welcomed investors and entrepreneurs alike to discuss the potential for new business in Puerto Rico. Information was provided on the many benefits of … Continue reading

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